Embrace T-shirt
MGF2 Embrace T-shirt
Slimming Cream
Slimming Cream is formulated mainly to burn tat and to lose weight, contains natural herbs ingredient which is a Centella Asiatica, Seaweed (algae) and Artichoke necessary to maintain a healthy skin in addition, to the reducing effect of fat. Reducer...
Surgery Bag 1
The surgery bag is now available 😍😍 What's in the bag? 🤔👇✨Scar gel✨10 underpads✨ 1 heat/ cold ice pack✨50 pack gloves✨200 gauze sponges✨Incentive spirometer✨Adult washcloths/wipes✨Foam✨Abdominal board✨Compression stocking✨3 packs of Tylenol✨2 packets of pineapple tea✨1 Thermometer It's surgical season; Post-op care...
Surgery Bag 2
The surgery bag is now available 😍😍 What's in the bag? 🤔👇 ✨10 underpads ✨ 1 heat/ cold ice pack ✨50 pack gloves ✨200 gauze sponges ✨Incentive spirometer ✨Adult washcloths/wipes ✨Foam ✨Abdominal board ✨Compression stocking ✨3 packs of Tylenol ✨2...
Sweat Belt
The sweat belt is a  stomach toner, low back and lumbar support, and has sauna suit effect. This belt is perfect to use with any excerise routine.
Waist Bandage
This hassle free no zipper or clip waist bandage can be used for compression and shaping under clothing or during a workout.
Waist Trainer
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  • Signature Pink
Waist Trainer
This hassle free waist trainer has no zipper clips. This waist trainer shape wear is constructed with Flex-boning technology to work like a corset or waist cincher to enhance the compression around your tummy. This garment targets belly fat and...
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Weight Loss Bundle
The Bundle has all items you can use at home to maintain a health body. Bundle includes osmotic wrap, slimming Belt, Slimming Cream, and Iaso Detox Tea Sample pack.
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